422 Sportsplex Youth Inline Hockey Rules

Equipment Needed

Skates: Brakes are not allowed at any time, at any level.

Protective Equipment: Requires HECC approved helmets for all players and goalkeepers. Requires HECC approved facemasks for all players currently required to wear facemasks.


  • Players shall be uniformly dressed in approved hockey apparel or pants and long sleeves, whenever possible, but no game shall be prevented from being played, and no player prevented from playing, due to lack of matching uniforms. Players shall, however, make every effort dress uniformly and have a number. Players must have matching jersey numbers.
  • Players are discouraged from wearing the same numbers, but no player shall be prevented from playing because of it. Players with same numbers shall be marked on score sheet as e.g., “12a” and “12b”.
  • Referees may also make a particular player change jersey if it conflicts with opposing team’s colors, and keep player off surface until that player changes jersey to a contrasting color. No delay shall be allowed for this purpose. It is the player’s responsibility to wear proper jersey.

 Sponsor’s Advertisements:

  1. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, bar advertisements, and other regulated commercial endeavors aimed at adults and prohibited for high school youth are neither appropriate nor acceptable.
  2. The most prominent feature on the back of the jersey should be the player’s number. If lettering appears above the number on the back, it will be either the player or team’s name.
  3. The most prominent feature on the front of the jersey should be the team name/school/logo.


Non-Rostered Goalies: Teams may use a non-rostered, league registered goalie at any time, provided that they inform the referees and opposing team prior to game. Opposing team shall be permitted to veto the goalie, even if this results in a forfeit.

Playoff Eligibility: Non-rostered players are ineligible for all playoff games. Rostered players must have played in at least four of the team’s scheduled games to be eligible for playoffs, circumstances involving sickness, injury, or vacation can be evaluated by the league commissioner for playoff eligibility.

Adult League: Reserves the right to veto any goaltender who has not played at least one-half of a team’s scheduled games as a goalie. This prevents experienced goalies from “playing out” all year and playing in net for the playoffs.


  • Excessive Penalties in a Single Game: Six minor penalty minutes (in a game) for a player shall cause the player to be ejected for the remainder of the game.
  • Fifteen minutes of minor team penalties in a game will result in the coach being suspended for one game (next game), this is an automatic suspension.
  • If player has a game letter in the day they are not allowed to play in that game.


  • Score sheets: Scorekeepers shall check score sheets prior t game start to ensure that all players listed are present. A player, who is listed on the roster and is not present at the start of the game, should have a line scratched through their name at the start of the game. Captains or coaches shall notify referees of late arriving players at period breaks and those players shall be added at that time. Coaches are to initial score sheets at the end of the game. PIHI, DoH, or league commissioner shall verify score sheets against rosters to verify that only rostered players are playing.
  • Falsified Score Sheet: Because of the importance of the score sheet in documenting games, any coach who knowingly and deliberately causes or allows falsification of a league score sheet (such as deliberately not listing an ineligible player). Shall be suspended from further participation in PIHI games and shall remain suspended until the PIHI DoH has determined appropriate disciplinary action. The suspended coach will not participate in any games or practices until such disciplinary action has been served in full.
  • Game Forfeits: A game forfeit shall have a score sheet filled out and sent in showing a 3-0 score.
  • Game Results: Are not official until the games score sheet has been received and reviewed byt the league statistician. League standings are based solely on score sheets received, reviewed, and posted.
  • USAHI- USA Hockey Inline, a program of USA Hockey, has more information available at http://www.usahockey.com/inline/

Playing Rules:

  • Mercy Rule: If there is a 10 goal differential or greater in the score, the scoreboard shall reflect a 10-goal difference.
  • Suspension of Game: During the course of  a game, if one or both of the teams create an atmosphere that is dangerous (excessive penalties or flagrant penalties) to the other players, the referees will stop the game and warn both teams that the game may be suspended. If the problem continues, the referee will suspend the game.
  • The Director of Hockey will make all final determinations about any extenuating circumstances resulting in forfeits (traffic, weather, etc.). A make-up game may be permitted, and team or teams may be responsible for any additional rink or referee cost incurred. Make up games are at the sole discretion of the league, and are only permissible in cases of extenuating circumstances.

Please read the SMG waiver of liability.

Contact Information
Please contact the 422 Sportsplex at the422sportsplex@yahoo.com or 610-323-9600