2014-15 Winter Softball League Rules and Guidelines

New Winter Policy: No games will be made up due to snow cancellations. Teams will instead be given free entry into our spring tournament series.

I. Game Play

A. Pitch Count – Batters will start with a 1 Ball – 1 Strike Count.

  1. A courtesy foul permitted
  2. Foul balls are determined as normal.

B. Base path length

  1. Bases will be placed 65 feet apart.
  2. Pitchers rubber will be placed 46 feet from home plate.

a. Pitchers will be allowed to pitch from a distance of up to 4 feet behind the pitchers rubber if they wish. Release foot must be in line with pitching rubber and home plate.

C. Officials – ASA certified officials will preside over the games scheduled.

D. Equipment rules

  1. Only bats supplied by League will be permitted during game play, or in the facility.
  2. Balls will be supplied by the league commission; no ball not supplied by league commission is permitted to be used at any time.
  3. No metal cleats permitted at any time.

E. Uniform rules

  1. Teams should wear like colors as decided by its team captain. No uniforms will be supplied.

F. Time Guidelines

  1. Games will be started at their scheduled time and no grace period will be honored.
  2. No inning for an ongoing game can be started within 5 minutes of the next games scheduled start time. In the event time limits end a game prior to 7 complete innings is played, the game will be considered final at the conclusion of the last started inning. (e.g. the start time of the first game is scheduled at 11pm, the scheduled start of the second game is 12am. At 11:55pm the bottom of the 5th inning is starting. At the conclusion of this inning, the game will be declared over and the score of the game will be considered the final score.)
  3. 10 Minute Warning- It is the responsibility of the official to make both teams captains aware when there is 10 minutes remaining before the start of the second game.

G. Pitching Arc – Pitching arc will be 6-12 feet

H. Live Ball rule

  1. Batted balls that hit any part of the dome, before hitting the turf, are considered live and can be caught for an out until they touch the turf, or floor of the playing area.
  2. Batted balls that come in contact with the lights or any part of the light fixture may be caught until the touch the turf.
  3. Ground Rule Double – any fair batted ball that travels into the area behind the nets that block the sides of the playing area are considered ground rule doubles. The ball must be clearly behind the net, any ball that is caught in the slack of the net is still considered live. All other obstructions in the field area should be moved into foul territory prior to the start of the game.
  4. Out of play areas –

a. Ground Rule Double Area

b. Any ball thrown into the foul areas that is obstructed from a fielder by netting, or any other piece of equipment will be called a dead ball, and runners will be allowed to advance based on regular ASA game play rules.


II. Roster and Pricing

A. All participants and /or teams will be responsible for paying fees for the season directly to the 422 Sportsplex.

  1. Team Fee - $1500
  2. Individual fee - $150 per player

B. Rosters will have no maximum number of players.

C. Players must play at least 10 (5 weeks) games.

D. Rosters will be tracked by the league commission, and prior to start of the playoffs the Commission will present each team captain with a list of eligible players.

E. A player may play for any other team but must play for the team he/she qualifies with in the playoffs.

F. In the event a player suffers any injury and is unable to complete the season due to this injury, and the team he plays for has only has 10 roster players eligible for the playoffs, a replacement player can be furnished for the playoffs only with a note from a qualified medical professional verifying the injury.


III. Season Format

A.Regular season

  1. Regular season will consist of 18 regular season games played over 9 weeks. A Double header will be played each scheduled night.
  2. Playoffs will be single game elimination with all teams making the playoffs. Playoff structure will be created after total numbers of teams in the league are determined. Home team will always be the highest seed as determined by the final standings of the regular season. Championship will be a best of three series played in one evening.


IV. Conduct Rules

A. Slide or Surrender rules apply at plays at home plate

B. Any aggressive behavior, which includes verbally aggressive behavior, will not be tolerated. Any player ejected from a game by the game’s official due to conduct deemed aggressive behavior will be suspended for the remaining games that night and the following two scheduled games for that team.

C. Any player or players involved in any type of physically aggressive behavior, or fight will be suspended for the remainder of the season.


V. Amendment Clause

A. Game play will be governed by all ASA Tournament Rules as outlined in the 2010 ASA Tournament Rules Guidebook unless otherwise mentioned above.

B. The Commission reserves the right to alter, change, add, or remove any additional rules governing the operation and/or game play guidelines not involving game play standards. Any altered, changed, added, or removed rule(s) will not be retroactive.

C. The Commission reserves the right to rule independently on the validity of rosters, player eligibility, or game play guidelines as it sees fit.

Please read the SMG waiver of liability.